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  • This Minecraft Store has everything you need!

    What do you get for that special Minecrafter in your life? You know.  The one who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Minecraft and might even have a nice assortment of collectibles growing larger by the minute?  If you are in need of some fantastic ideas, take a look at some of these nifty little gifties from ThinkCoolToys Minecraft Store.

    For the Minecrafter Mommy – Get a jump on your next Mother’s Day and order mom this Minecraft Diamond Pendant Necklace instead of flowers or candy. Add the Minecraft Diamond Earrings to complete the set, and your mommy will absolutely love your thoughtfulness…and your taste in jewelry.

    For the Minecrafter Who Has Just About Everything – Let’s not forget dad.  He already has his loving and devoted family, a great job, roof over his head, and a fancy pants car.  What more could he want or need, really?  Well, as great as all that may be, he really may not have everything he needs.  Just in time for Father’s Day, order this Minecraft Chest Wallet so dad has an ultra-cool place to stash his cash.  And, maybe a picture of you.

    For the Minecrafter Who is a Nine-to-Fiver – So your brother stays up way too late at night playing Minecraft, and then he has to go to work way too early the next day?  He will fully appreciate this Minecraft Creeper Face Mug for that insane amount of coffee he will need after his next almost-all-nighter.

    For the Mini Minecrafter in the Making – And, then there is your little sister.  She may just be starting to take some interest in the world of Minecraft.  Spark her budding interest with a Minecraft Ocelot 14” Plush Toy.  Anyone can buy a teddy bear, but it takes someone pretty special to buy a plush Minecraft ocelot.

    For the Maker of Minecraft Toy Videos – Does your best friend forever make stop- motion videos starring all of his favorite Minecraft characters?  Surprise him this year with this Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure, and he will be ready for his next big feature film, Creeper Takes Disneyland.

    For That Someone You are Sweet On – She is there for you through thick and thin.  No matter what life brings (or slings), she stands right by your side.  She soothes you when you are as angry as a savage beast.  She’s improved your quality of life.  She’s made you a better person.  She loves you.  And, you love her.  So, show her how much you care.  Not, like, with a ring or anything.  No, no, no.  Not that.  Let’s not get crazy.  Unless, of course, you are ready to go crazy.  But, assuming you are not, show her how much you care with these Minecraft Wolf Stud Earrings.  The symbolism will not be lost on her, oh great tamer of the wolf.

    There you have it.  Some really great gifts in one great place.  Check out ThinkCoolToys Minecraft Store, the best thing short of a Minecraft store out there!

  • Is kirby a boy or girl?

    Kirby is a friendly fictional character most famous for his titular role in the Kirby series of video games. First rocking onto the scene in Kirby’s Dream Land in 1992, this cute little creature fast became one of the most popular and iconic video game characters in the world. Nintendo have created over 20 games revolving the protagonist of the series including action platformers, puzzle games and even pinball! It doesn’t look like this crazy character will be going anywhere anytime soon, but does the pink little squish ball look more like a boy or a girl and does this affect the appeal for kids?

    The popularity of Kirby has paved the way for a wide variety of appearances in different media over the years. While he is most commonly associated with the Kirby series of games he has also made guest appearances in the Super Smash Bro. Series. Not only has he made it onto arguably one of the most popular game series of all time, but he has even had a manga and anime written for his character! With such a large following, the opportunity has been rife for merchandise around the franchise to be created and people have used it well.

    Though Kirby looks cute and cuddly, the creature has a lot of power packed into his little arms. Depicted as a happy go lucky fellow with a love of food the little lad transforms into something brave, fearless and clever when faced with danger. As innocent as he is powerful, it makes him all the more popular and Nintendo has always depicted him as a male, despite his outwardly girly appearance.

    Due to his cute appearance, Kirby’s character lends himself to soft plushes and cuddly toys. Over 20 items have been created to show many of the different occupations that Kirby characters have played and could play in the games. The simplistic look of the round, pink little man with red feet and enormous blue eyes is cute on its own, however when paired with a link hat and sword as absolutely adorable. With characters ranging from chef to warrior, jester to ninja, there is a cuddly toy to suit everyone, including the toughest of blokes. There’s nothing wrong with a guy having a cuddly toy, so long as it’s from a game or film!

    As well made as they are adorable, if you manage to get your hands on one of these reasonably priced teddies then it is well worth the money. Whether you want a toy to give to your little one who’s recently discovered the Kirby series or you’ve married a lifelong fan, nothing will make them happier than seeing his happy little face and being able to give it a big squishy hug every day.

  • I Heart Guts - Skin and Lymph Node

    Skin is the largest organ in our body. It protects us from germs and bacteria. It also helps us with the sense of touch. With the help from the sweat glands, the skin acts like our personal air conditioner and helps maintain our body temperature.

    Lymph Node is the front line of defense for your body when it comes to fighting infections and diseases. White blood cells in your body will find all the bad stuff and drag them back to the Lymph Node to be destroyed.

    Get your very own I Heart Guts Skin and Lymph Node Plush Toys today!

  • Portal 2 Plush Keychains

    After a long day of testing, nothing feels better than squeezing a soft plush toy from Portal 2. Lost your keys? These Portal 2 Plush Keychains can help you find them. They measure in at around 3 inches tall x 3 inches wide. They are large enough to make your set of keys stand out. We have both the Original Companion Cube and the Weighted Companion Cube along with Wheatley and Space Sphere. Carry a bit of Aperture Science with you wherever you go!

    Get your very own Portal 2 Plush Keychain today here!

  • Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure Giveaway

    The Prize

    Hello everyone! We are giving away a free Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure to one lucky winner.

    Who can enter?

    Anyone in the United States can enter. Winner will receive the toy via USPS.

    How to win?

    Leave one comment before Sunday, October 20th at 8PM PST! If you play Minecraft, tell us what is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft? If you are not a Minecraft player, let us know why you are interested in the Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure. The winner will be chosen on Monday, October 21th at random. Good luck everyone!

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    Contest Winner!

    William is the winner! You won a Minecraft Creeper Vinyl Figure!

  • My Little Pony Pop! Vinyl Figure Giveaway

    The Prize

    Hello everyone! We are giving away a free My Little Pony Pop! Vinyl Figure to one lucky winner.

    Who can enter?

    Anyone in the United States can enter. Winner will receive the toy via USPS.

    How to win?

    Leave one comment before Saturday, October 12th at 12AM PST! Tell us which My Little Pony Pop! Vinyl Figure is your favorite. The winner will be chosen on Monday, October 13th at random and will receive the toy they said is their favorite. Good luck everyone!

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    Contest Winner!

    Megan D. is the winner! You won a My Little Pony Pop! Twilight Sparkle Vinyl Figure!

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